Archive | March, 2014

Che Thai (Asian Fruit Cocktail)

  This Asian dessert definitely tops my list of favorites! It’s incredibly easy to make and very refreshing on a warm day. This dessert traditionally uses coconut milk as the base and has shaved ice in it as well, but you can skip all that and still have a tasty little treat on your hands. […]

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Pulled Pork (crock pot recipe)

No words can describe how easy and delicious this pulled pork is! Someone once told me that it’s only pulled pork if you are using bbq sauce at the end?? Although I call it slow cooked pork in my video, I’m going to call it pulled pork for the recipe since it sounds more fitting […]

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Bread Pudding with the Best Vanilla Sauce

In the past, whenever anyone mentioned bread pudding to me I thought, “wow, that sounds disgusting!” I always thought, “why would anyone want to eat soggy bread??” That was before I actually got to try some… And now…I AM OFFICIALLY HOOKED! My husband said it was one of the best things that he ever put […]

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