About Me



I was raised in Tacoma, Washington and am currently living in Federal Way (about 20 minutes from Seattle) with my husband Paul and two children, Peyton and Landon. I am the baby of 7 kids and I am a REALLY fast eater…because growing up with 6 siblings, well…it was either eat FAST or don’t eat AT ALL.

Because my parents weren’t really around (they worked A LOT), I didn’t really have a “normal” childhood filled with birthday cakes and parties. I didn’t attend sleepovers or have play dates. Home cooked meals were a rarity but when we had it…boy, could my dad throw down!! My sister started cooking for us when she reached high school and till this day, she is STILL one of my biggest inspirations!

As an adult, I knew that when I got married and had children, that I would provide and give them the childhood that I never had. And that includes: MANY play dates, birthday parties with birthday cakes (equipped with HULK bouncy houses), and home cooked meals.

I started cooking shortly after I got married and had my daughter. Flash forward 11 years later (add my son along the way), and it brings me to the present day.

ABOUT THE BLOG (and my Youtube Channel):

I started blogging a few years ago (my old blog can be found here), as a way to keep all my recipes in order. Technology is key in this day and age, so the internet was the best way to keep track of them. I also liked the idea of my kids growing up and being able to visit my blog and learn to cook the recipes that they grew up eating! :)

Shortly after that, I uploaded my first Youtube tutorial. Things have been going well for me there, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity for me to redesign my blog and amp things up a little bit.

I really hope you guys enjoy your time here! Keep in mind that I am in the middle of redesigning, so please excuse the maintenance as I get things up and running!